Saturday, January 1, 2011


Special thanks to all of our loyal customers.  Happy New Year!  I hope that this year brings you and your family joy and prosperity!

Our inventory clearance sale runs now through the 15th of January!  There are some really great deals, so don't miss this sale, and spread the word to your friends!  I will be cutting prices thoughout the day!
Hopefully this month we will finally finish Cherie's house.  It's been a long hard process, but it is turning out so beautiful.  We are looking forward to big things this year.  We will be expanding getting our product in  stores and then consultants (hopefully very soon).  If you are interested let us know!

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Our Second time on Studio 5

Studio 5 featured our "Twilight Watch" during their segment on New Moon. Our watches will be coming up on Good Things Utah as well.

Our Watches were on Studio 5!