Monday, June 28, 2010

Product of the Week!

I decided to change my post a little.  Sorry to those of you who get this in a feed.  I'm just going to give you the link to product of the week on the right hand sidebar.  I want to make it a little bit of a mystery and not share the picture this week, when you discover what it is, post a comment telling what it is and I will send you a free charm with your next order.  More details to come on how that will work!  Everyone that comments and places an order wins on this!

The Winner is!

Nicole Lindsay.  Hope I spelled it right.  My memory is getting terrible.  Congratulations you win the credit on your account.  If you haven't registered you will need to register so I can issue the credit!!  Wish I could give it to all of you.  Good luck on your move to Florida and thanks for the recipe!  Thanks to the other's who took the time to share with us.  A baby, awesome trips, organizing (share tips please) and the ones that made me cry. . .you are awesome Wendy and Heather I'm sorry about your Grandpa.  Good luck with the Vegas heat!  I live in Southern Utah and have spent time in Vegas in the Summer!  HOT!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Product of the Week! (Closed)

I don't think I have featured this band yet and I think it's about time!! Our "Red Hot Chunky" band is perfect for Summer!  It is one of my favorite bands and I haven't worn it in a while, not because I don't love it, but because I can remember where the heck I put it!  I swear, I am getting so forgetful! Maybe I will have to make myself a new one! I love it with my red face or with a WR Painted White.  This week the price on this band is $17.00!  I hope that you are all having a great summer and doing some fun things with your families! I really want to know what fun things you are doing or a recipe for something you have made this summer that was yummy. Make a post and let me know what you are doing fun this Summer or share a recipe and Monday the 27th, I will use to draw a winner from those posts.  The winner will receive a $15.00 credit on their account to shop on our site!  Come on join the fun!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This demo for packing your suitcase was awesome!

I know this is random, but I watched this on KSL Studio5 yesterday and this is the coolest method for packing your suitcase!  I have seen several ways of packing, but never anything like this.  It was awesome!  Just had to share the link!  Power Packing  Check it out!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Featured Product of the Week!

I'm exctied to offer you this featured product through Sunday the 20th.  This is a very popular style.  I wear this one quite often, because it's just fun!  It's our "Black Stripes"  From now through next Sunday, which is Father's Day, the price on this band will be $17.00!  Hope you have a great week, and for those of you whose area of the country have suffered because of the oil spill or severe weather, my heart goes out to you and your loved ones.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Product of the Week (6/7-6/13/10)

Good morning!  I'm a little slower getting this posted.  I woke up so stiff this morning I could barely move!  Getting old is not fun!  Ok I was trying to decide what to feature this week and I remembered that the latest "Twilight" movie is set to be released soon so I have decided to feature our "Edward" band for all the people on "Team Edward"  This band is so pretty and white and sparkely, just like your favorite vampire!  If  you are not a huge fan of the "Twilight" series, well this band is beautiful anyway!  It has glass pearls, mountain jade, a beautiful foil bead, and well you get the idea!  It's just pretty.  Love it!  So this week we are offering it to you for $17.00!  What a great price on a beautiful band, and did I mention that it's comfortable as well!  Hope you have a great week.  It's no longer snowing here and that's good, now it went from Winter to Summer.  It was 94 degrees yesterday and 91 on Saturday.  Too hot when you are outside building a house.  I'll have to see if I can get Cherie to post pictures of their house. It's coming along!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Product of the Week Wins!

This is a perfect day to start our Product of the Week.  Thank you to those of you who took the time to vote. (It only took a second)  This is how this feature will work:  The product that is selected to be featured will be featured for the entire week.  You will be able to order it at the featured price Monday thru Sunday.  I know that this week is shorter, but I did give you an extra item over the weekend to make up for it. 
For our very first Product of the Week I have selected the Lime Zebra!  Two of my favorite things "Lime" and "zebra print" If you followed the "Deal of the Day" you know that I love the flavor of Lime and so I think this is a perfect fit for my actual first week of Summer!  School is out and it's time for me to get caught up with a few things.  Like laundry, cleaning, and a little relaxing with a Dreyers Fruit Bar! (Lime of course)!!! You will love this combination. It's one of those bands that people will make comments about.  It's so cute!  Don't miss out on this featured product and make sure to tell your friends.  To kick this off if you share this post on your facebook page or your blog and make a comment here telling us how you shared it we will include a matching charm with your order!  The price on our Lime Zebra this entire week is $17.00!

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