Monday, June 21, 2010

Product of the Week! (Closed)

I don't think I have featured this band yet and I think it's about time!! Our "Red Hot Chunky" band is perfect for Summer!  It is one of my favorite bands and I haven't worn it in a while, not because I don't love it, but because I can remember where the heck I put it!  I swear, I am getting so forgetful! Maybe I will have to make myself a new one! I love it with my red face or with a WR Painted White.  This week the price on this band is $17.00!  I hope that you are all having a great summer and doing some fun things with your families! I really want to know what fun things you are doing or a recipe for something you have made this summer that was yummy. Make a post and let me know what you are doing fun this Summer or share a recipe and Monday the 27th, I will use to draw a winner from those posts.  The winner will receive a $15.00 credit on their account to shop on our site!  Come on join the fun!


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know how much 'fun' it is, but it is a BIG deal. I am donating bone marrow on July 12th to a gentleman with chronic leukemia. But before that, my husband and I are celebrating our 1st Anniversary on July 4th with a huge bash!
Wendy Burns

Sarita said...

I'm having a baby! And that's about all I can handle this summer.

nicole lindsay said...

I am getting things ready to move from Utah to Florida! We are excited and scared at the same time! I also love to make this pasta salad. Here's the link to the recipe on my blog!

Heather said...

My grandfather just passed away so it hasn't been too fun a summer so far. But I plan on taking my boys to the YMCA to swim and play on all the water slides so we can cool down...cause its HOT here in Vegas!!

coliver said...

I just got home from a wonderful trip to NYC to see my parents. It was a great start to a great summer

Anonymous said...

Hey Girls, I am doing alot of cleaning & organizing this summer-first my house then my classroom! It's not my idea of fun but it will be fun when it's altogether and I don't feel like I need Clean House to come and make an episode starring Me!
I love the red watch....Cindy Pearson

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