Monday, June 28, 2010

Product of the Week!

I decided to change my post a little.  Sorry to those of you who get this in a feed.  I'm just going to give you the link to product of the week on the right hand sidebar.  I want to make it a little bit of a mystery and not share the picture this week, when you discover what it is, post a comment telling what it is and I will send you a free charm with your next order.  More details to come on how that will work!  Everyone that comments and places an order wins on this!


Anonymous said...

It's the bright pink and orange band! :)
Wendy Burns

Leavitt's said...

With Eclipse coming out this week, I was hoping you would have a great band on sale....:)

nicole lindsay said...

cute bright pink and orange! thanks for picking my name to win, and yes you spelled it right. Sorry i've been really busy and have registered now!

LaNiece said...

Your credit has been issued!

Tracey said...

Bright pink and orange band! So cute!

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