Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome to our blog spot

We are excited to be here! Our Company is fairly new. We make and design interchangeable beaded watch bands that attach to a variety of fun watch faces using 4 clasps. They are easy to slip on and off because they stretch. They are so simple to use and yet they accessorize your outfit in a fun expressive way. You can customize your watch to match your outfit, your mood, or the upcoming holiday! It's fun to mix and match! It's like having a new watch everyday

We have been in business since July of 2008, however we have only been online since December. It's been exciting to watch how our business has evolved and grown! We started out doing a few home parties and then we did the "The Family Christmas Gift Show" at South Town Expo Center in Sandy, Utah and things have really started to take off.

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