Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exciting New Feature!

Cherie and I have been thinking about doing something fun and different on our blog for a while and we have decided to call it "Deal of the Day"! This is how it will work. Each day we will feature a product from our site that is the "The Deal"! These will be chosen randomly, so you will never know what it might be! It could be the band, face, or necklace charm cluster that you have been wanting, so make sure to check in daily! We won't do it on weekends,  just Monday-Friday. The deal of the day will be scheduled to post at 7:00 a.m. mountain time. Here is your chance to make a wish list of things you would love to see featured as a deal. Make a post and tell us what you really would love to see featured, and we will make sure and put it in the mix! The trick is you'll just have to watch for your item to be featured and jump on the deal that day!  We've chosen a few to start with and then we want your input!
Let's start wishing! Go to Beads, Bangles, and Bands and start making your list!  Make a comment and tell us what you are wishing we would feature as a "Deal of the Day".  Tune in Monday to see what we have chosen!  Tell your friends!


wburns7409 said...

Love the idea!!!
Here's my wish list:
Classy Brown Band
July 4th Band
WR White Face
Red Zebra Necklace

Laurie said...

Here's my wish list for watch bands:
February, Green Lollipop, Pink Chunky, Plum and Spring them, and the cool idea!

Graves Family said...

My wish list for bands:
Baby Pink Stripe
Teal & Brown Flower

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