Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday's Deal of the Day! (Expired)

Today we are featuring our Spring Flower interchangeable watch band.  This is another really bright cheery band.  It really is like a burst of spring flowers.  The color of the pink reminds me of the 3, yes I said 3,  pink hyacinths that have managed to survive in my yard.  They make me smile as I back out of my garage and see them blooming amongst the weeds and grass that nobody has time to take care of right now.  Right in the middle of all of that are 3 pink and 2 blue hycinths.  So when you purchase this band, I hope it reminds you of spring flowers! The price today is $17.00. Oh, and if you need something to do. . . there's weeds and grass at my house that need to be pulled.  

Remember to enter our giveaway on Fabulous Fun Finds if you still haven't done that!   

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