Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Deal of the Day! (Expired)

Wow!  Wednesday already!  I can't believe it's the middle of the week.  The news just said more snow for us tomorrow.  Yuck!  Well, I'm sure you can tell by the picture that today we are featuring our WR Black Watch Face!  Now pay attention, because this is a really good deal, especially if you have been wanting a black watch face to go with a band that you have, or one that you want to purchase from our store!  The Price today on this face is $9.50, but I'm going to tell you a secret that will save you even more money!  I'm the queen of good deals and this is a really good deal!  You could even save money on a band or two to go with the watch face if you want!  Listen to my advice from yesterday and go to Fabulous Fun Finds and enter our giveaway.  Make sure and read the post, don't just make your entries without reading. (I know some of you do that!) LOL!!  If you read you will find that there is a 15% discount on your entire purchase, but you need the promo code.  I could just give it to you, but then what fun would that be?  Besides we want you to enter our giveaway, and I would like to see if you are really reading all of this gibberish that I write everyday!  While you are there enter some more of the  Mother's Day Extravaganza Giveaways.  I know you want to win, but be nice and tell your friends about it!

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