Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday's Deal of the Day! (Expired)

Just ask my family if I like the flavor lime and they will roll their eyes.  I made keylime cupcakes on Sunday and Cherie said "kindy of limey"!  Seriously isn't the point of keylime the lime taste?  Oh, and those Dryers Fruit Bars. . . the lime ones are just heavenly! So you ask yourself what is all this talk about lime? Well I have been on one of my lime kicks this week and so naturally I thought about this band, and when you pair it with zebra print how cute is that! Ta Da! Today's deal is our "Lime Zebra" band.  This band is one of those accessories that will just make you smile when you look at it, because it's just so stinkin cute!  I love all of our zebra bands, they are just. . . well. . .fun!  It looks cute with our TC Lime paint face, or any of our lime faces, WR green,  and very cute with any of the painted black or black faces, and I have seen it with the painted white and that is darling too.  In other words this is a really stylish fun look!  Don't miss out on the opportunity to add it to your collection.  Today until midnight the price is $15.00!  Another great choice for Mother's Day as well.   Hurry though, because this deal ends at midnight Mountain Time!


Wendy said...

You're making my mouth water with all your 'lime' talk! lol

LaNiece said...

Wendy, what can I say, lime is good! So refreshing! Now all we need is some warm weather so I can enjoy those Dryers Lime Fruit Bars! Oh, and I have this recipe for a slushy type lime drink that is divine on a hot day!!!

Wendy said...

Will you share that recipe? :) Sounds yummy!!!!

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