Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday's Deal of the Day! (Expired)

Someone please remind me what the date is!  I am writing this Sunday night late and it's snowing!  Enough already!  I can't take anymore snow.  Hopefully as you read this post it will be gone!!!!! I want Summer!  Okay, enough with my rant about the weather.  I've decided to feature a band that I have featured before, because I just think this band is beautiful.  It is very elegant, comfortable to wear, and a great deal!  Monday only our "Twisted Foil" band will be $16.00.  That's a really great deal on a classy band that really makes your watch stand out and look like a beautiful bracelet. Don't forget to vote on your preference of "Deal of the Day" or "Product of the Week" or Wow, I just had an epiphony how about "Watch of the Week"?  I can't change the poll because there are votes, however if you like this choice let me know in a comment.

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