Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday's Deal of the Day! (Expired)

Good Morning!  Why does it seem like the weekends are never long enough?  Have I mentioned that we are helping Cherie and her husband build a new house?  Hopefully next weekend won't be cold and snowy like this last weekend was!  I'm praying  for better weather this week, and hoping it will make my dispostion improve!!  Hope your weekend was amazing!  Today's deal is a band that Cherie wears quite often.  It's our Brown Chunky. This is such an attractive band and it goes with many of our watch faces.  It's actually the band featured in one of our buttons that you can put on your blog. It's pictured with our LR Brown face in that picture.  I've seen her wear it a variety of different faces  Well really, you can put it with virtually all of our watch face styles!  Today until midnight the price on this band is $16.00! Wait, just because it really makes it so much cuter and adds some movement  I think I will make our brown and silver charm a deal as well.  The price on it will be $2.50!  You can't beat that! This ensemble looks really awesome paired with our interchangeable brown cluster necklace.  Just saying!

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