Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday's Deal of the Day! (Expired)

Have I got an awesome deal for you this morning!!  If you are like me sometimes I procrastinate.  Don't ask me why I haven't learned to get things done until the pressure is on, but I don't think I'm the only one!  Please tell me I'm not!  What is all this talk of procrastination. . .well Mother's Day is Sunday.  If you are like me and scrambling to get your Mother's Day gifts put together here is an awesome idea.  A "Gift Certificate"!!  The best part of that idea is that our Gift Certificates are our Deal of the Day today.  They are 15% off!  I'm not sure we've ever done this before, but I'm here to help you out if you are in my shoes still trying to pull together your Mother's Day Gifts.  This is such an awesome deal maybe you should get one for yourself.  The beauty is we can email it to you, then you can either send it by email to your Mother, or you can print it, put it in a beautiful card, or wrap it up nicely and take it to her on Mother's Day,  and poof, you're done.  Mom gets a great gift, you saved some money, some running around, she picks it out, and we ship it to her.  Now that's what I call a good deal!

1 comment:

LaNiece said...

Wow! I just realized We've been doing this for a month now! I can't believe it!

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