Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday's Deal of the Day! (Expired)

Have you ever had a friend that you could just call at a moments notice and they were right there in the car with you doing some crazy thing like returning some Pepsi that you bought, just so you could buy it again, because you messed up on getting your register rewards at Walgreens. All this because you can't read that it says you only have to buy 3 and of course you bought 4!  But hey. . . if you had 2 coupons that said you could buy one get one free on some body wash and they were giving you a $4.50  register reward making it so that you are getting 2 body washes for free, and you could use your Pepsi register rewards to help pay for the one body wash that gives you the $4.50 off the body wash to buy your Pepsi. . .it's worth the trip!  Ok if you are now laughing and confused , or if you are thinking she is lucky she has a friend at all, here is an easy deal for you.  No register rewards involved.  Today our Peppermint Patty band is $15.00.  P.S. It really was a good deal and I will be happy to share how it all works if you want to know more, make a comment and I will tell you !Thanks Abby, you are the best!!!


Wendy said...

You crack me up!
Any chance we'll see a Halloween themed band?????

LaNiece said...

Yes on the Halloween band Wendy! It really was such a good deal. I mean seriously I got two, well really 4 body washes free and got the Pepsi/Mountain Dew for around $1.15 a 12 pack! How do you beat that!

Wendy said...

You run into the best deals!!! Like .40 for a box of cereal!!! That was just insane!!!!
Can't wait for the Halloween band!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you get the $15 price for the deal of the day? When I go to checkout it still says $20.

Tracey said...

I have had a Walgreens week too! I hate it when I mess up on a GREAT deal!

LaNiece said...

Tracey, I know what you mean, because last night I found out I missed another really good deal. Oh well!

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